Atlanta Area Elementary Schools

As with any large metropolitan area, education standards vary considerably within the area. 

Neighborhoods surrounding Emory University tend to have excellent schools, where parents are involved and expectations are higher.  These neighborhoods tend to be more desireable, and homes here tend to hold their value even during tough economic recessions.

Home Values are affected by the quality of neighborhood schools

When Homebuyers are looking for a home, most Buyers put the quality of the local schools high on their “must have” list.  Even Buyers who don’t have children demand good schools as a primary consideration for the home they purchase.  Consequently, in neighborhoods where schools are well-run and provide exemplary education, property values tend to remain stronger. 


Druid Hills  - Emory Grove - University Heights

  • Fernbank Elementary is one of the highest ranked elementary schools in DeKalb County, founded in 1959 by a group of Emory University families and serving as a neighborhood school for children in the proximity of Emory University and CDC.  Fernbank Elementary is located in the heart of historic Druid Hills and sits across the street from the Fernbank Science Museum and Planetarium.  Fernbank is well known  for its excellent academic record.
  • Medlock Elementary is also located within the Emory Area and has served as a leader in educating children from the County’s diverse population and the surrounding community of over 900 homes.  Medlock also maintains a successful Special Needs Program for 3 and 4-year olds.  Medlock has been named by DeKalb County as one of the possible 12 schools slated to close in a the difficult re-districting decision.

Morningside - Johnson Estates

  • Morningside Elementary is located within the Morningside Community and serves the neighborhoods of Morningside, Lenox Park, Sherwood Forest, Piedmont Heights and Ansley Park.  Open in 1929, Morningside Elementary has a unique parent and schools partnership and a strong sense of community. See Public school reviews.
  • Briarvista Elementary is the only comprehensive public Montessori School in the DeKalb County School System, located in a diverse community with great family and community support.

City of Decatur Elementary Schools 

  • Clairemont Elementary, built in 1936, is tucked in the Great Lakes community of Decatur and surrounded by heighborhood homes.  TYhe Faculty and staff share a strong commitment to the highest education standards and Clairemont Elementary is considered one of the most desireable schools in the area.
  • Winnona Park Elementary, opened in 1923, is located within the Winnona Park community of Decatur, where most students walk to school.  The school current offers kindergarten through 3rd. grade.

North Druid Hills - Lawrenceville Highway

  • Laurel Ridge Elementary is located in a small neighborhood behind Shamrock Plaza, just off North Druid Hills Road and Lawrenceville Highway.  Laurel Ridge serves a diverse student body from all over the County, as well as the surrounding neighborhood.  Students consistently perform well on standardized test.  

Oak Grove - Sagamore Hills

  • Sagamore Hills Elementary is located in the Sagamore Hills subdivision off Clairmont Road and has served the community since 1961.  Sagamore Hills has a culturally diverse study body from P-K to 5th grade.
  •  Oak Grove Elementary is another high-performing elementary school with numerous awards for outstanding achievement in education, located on Oak Grove Road within the Emory Area.


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