Make sure your home is easy to show!


To get your home sold quickly, it’s important that other agents in the area show it to as many potential buyers as possible.

  1. The first thing a Agent will do when working with buyers is determine what kind of home they are looking for.
  2. The agent will search all of the available homes for those that match most closely what the buyer wants.
  3. The agent then puts together a list of all the best matches to present to the buyer.

When a busy agent is compiling a list of homes to show, they will tend to show those homes that have the easiest access.  This is even more important when there is a large inventory of homes on the market.

Most homes on the market are equipped with lockboxes, which is a device that holds the key to the home and can only be accessed by qualified agents. The lockboxes are updated each day and are considered very secure.


Homes that are easily accessible, and don't require an "appointment" will get shown more frequently than homes that require an agent to be notified, or need an appointment to show.  Stack the cards in your favor and let your agent install a lockbox on your home for easier showing.


If you can’t do a lock box, you need to be sure that you make it as convenient and easy as possible for other agents to show your home.  If they call, do whatever you have to do to accommodate letting them show your home on their schedule.  If you don’t, the agent may simply skip your home and show other properties and you have just lost a great opportunity.


Okay, you have a lockbox, it's easy to show - now set the stage, turn on the lights and leave!