Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve



The Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve is one of DeKalb County's hidden gems, tucked away in the Medlock Park neighborhood with an entrance at the intersection of Wood Trail Lane and Pine Bluff Road.  If you haven't visited this 28-acre nature preserve with trails, a bamboo forest, learning centers, wetlands and bird-watching outposts, you're in for a treat! 

The Clyde Shepherd Preserve, opened in 1995, preserves the native wildlife and plants for the education and enjoyment of the community



"Besides the pond and wetlands, the preserve includes emerging pine forest, wooded uplands containing mature trees, and low shrub meadow in the floodplain bordering South Peachtree Creek. There is a good mix of native species and non-native species that provides cover for nesting birds and young animals. These diverse habitats are home to beavers, foxes, turtles, snakes, frogs, rabbits, and dozens of species of birds. To date, 166 species of migratory and resident birds have been identified, including wood ducks, pileated woodpeckers, and sand-hill cranes.

Six species of frogs were identified in the pond area in an informal study conducted by Emory University students in 1999. The species included bullfrogs, chorus frogs, spring peepers, leopard frogs, gray frogs, and green frogs. Every spring, the calling of frogs during courtship and mating is one of the prime attractions to the preserve".


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