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Emory Grove - Historic Atlanta Neighborhood
January 17th, 2011 3:07 PM
Emory Grove is a historic neighborhood of bungalow-style homes, built in the latter part of 1939 and early 1940's by L. Neal Smith, a prominent builder of the time.  Mr. Smith's original advertisement read, "Emory Grove, a community of durable and artistic homes owned by conservative cultured Americans".  Emory Grove consists of 3 streets, Princeton Way, Westminster Way, and Edinburgh Terrace, as well as a few homes along North Decatur Road.  Three Parks with baseball fields, walking areas, playgrounds, tennis courts and picnic areas are located within the neighborhood itself.

Mr. Smith then  emphasized the convenience to schools from kindergarten through University without crossing a thoroughfare, the location of Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist Churches within 4 blocks, paved streets and Park areas in each block, "where the investment of a reasonable sum of money plus well made plans will insure to those fortunate and wise enough to investigate, both a comfortable home and an opportunity to grow with one of the most ideally located communities in or around Atlanta".By the end of the second year, the area was 96% developed and owner occupied, although there were only a few homes on North Decatur Road at the time.

As the subdivision was built during the Depression/World War II years, most families had litle money and very few owned automobiles.  The women on the street liked to go to into Atlanta shopping and would ride the trolley, which ended at Emory Village.  During inclement weather, it was necessary to get a taxi to reach the Village.  Claude Jones had a Ford Sedan that belonged to his father and he ran the taxi service, charging 5 cents.

The original owners of this new subdivision were young couples who moved here to raise their families.  Arthur Hutchins was one of the early homeowners and was the first GBI agent in Georgia - the only one for some time.  The famous Presbyterian Minister, Peter Marshall, and his wife, Catherine, who wroter, "A Man Called Peter", lived in the Honeymoon Cottage, until they moved to Washington, D.C.

Except for the traffic, the area remains much the same today. It's  a vibrant, busy community with close neighbors and family-friendly Park events. Many of the homes have been renovated and updated, and new homeowners are enjoying the convenience to schools, shopping, and close-by restaurants.

In 2000, Emory Grove was listed on the Historic National Register, which protects the neighborhood from encroachment and maintains the integrity and scale of the homes.  Although surrounded by retail ventures and less than a mile from Emory University, Emory Grove is a charming oasis in the bustling City of Atlanta.

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Atlanta has many beautiful neighborhoods, but Druid Hills is unique in its beginnings.  It was planned in the late 19th and early 20th century by American’s most famous landscape architect, Fredrick Law Olmsted, who also created Central Park in New York.

Olmstead was invited by a local Atlanta businessman, who owned the 1400 acre site, to visit and discuss the possibility of designing the development of Druid Hills.  A fortuitous collaboration followed!  Olmstead believed that streets and parks should follow the “natural contours of the land” and should be in tune with the environment, and the neighborhood should have “roads of moderate grace and curves, avoiding any great disturbance of the natural topography”.

Olmstead’s plan inspired eminent builders like Neil Reid, and Lewis Crook and Ernest Ivey to design some of the finest examples of late 19th and early 20th centure architecture.  Atlanta’s most prominent citizens build homes here and enjoyed its graceful homes, winding streets and lush parks.

Druid Hills has been listed on the National Historic Registry since 1979 and is considered historically significant in the ares of Landscape Architecture, Architecture and Community Planning.  The Historic Preservation Committee is diligent about maintaining the integrity of the historic homes and protecting the area from encrouchment.  Some of the homes can be viewed during the annual Tour of Homes and Gardens.

Also located within the borders of Druid Hills:

  1. Fernbank Science Center and Planetarium
  2. Callanwolde Fine Arts Center
  3. Druid Hills Country Club
  4. Fernbank Museum of Natural History
  5. Emory Village
  6. Emory University
  7. Lullwater House and Park

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Selling homes in Atlanta has been challenging for the past few years, but things are definitely improving.  Adhering to these few steps will help your home sell faster.

1.  Curb Appeal - first impressions are key – trim the shrubs, get your yard in shape, paint the front door, and clean the windows.  Check out  Curb Appeal List, suggestions for The Back Yard, and Plumbing and Fixtures.  There are a number of reasons why Homes Don’t Sell, so try to have yours in the best condition possible.

2.  Trust in your Agent  is critical when you are selling your home - Choose your Realtor carefully - look for  an agent who has your best interests at heart, who listens and tells you the truth.

3.  Choose a Realtor who is technologically savvy and has a large internet presence to help market your property, one who uses lots of photos,  Virtual Tours, websites, blogs, and business contacts to expose your home on the internet.  That’s where Buyers are looking first.

4.  Price it Reasonably.  Go over the comparables with your Agent and choose a reasonable price for your home.  Pricing it correctly from the beginning can save you months waiting for a Buyer.   If you’ve been in your home for awhile, you may have decent Appreciation when you decide to sell – it all depends on where you are located, as many areas have lost value in the past few years.

5.  Clean things out – get rid of the clutter – hire a storage site to store things you won’t need until you move

6.  Keep the home clean, smelling fresh and ready to show - this means no dirty dishes in the sink, or on the bedroom floor.

7.  Be Realistic.  Homes are staying on the market longer, and Buyers expect a lot.  Work with your Agent to negotiate a price you and the Buyer can live with.  Then, be patient as homes are often taking longer to close as well.

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January 9th, 2011 2:55 PM

OK - Here I am again trying to make some sensible changes:


    1)  Get up earlier

    2)  Get some exercise - take the Dog

    3)  Develop Social Media and Website

    4)  Stay in touch with clients

    5)  Volunteer

    6)  Cut down on sweets - eat sensibly

    7)  Study and research the Stock Market


Knowing myself and my inclinations, January will be a very energetic month, when I will clear out the kitchen, buy only healthy vegetables and lean meats.  I will walk the dog twice a day and only cheat occasionally with my Chocolate stash.  Emails and letters will fly out the door and I'll burn the midnight oil researching stocks, posting comments and updating my website.

About mid-February, I'll be bored with my new diet, and lazy about walking the Dog.  It will be too cold or rainy or I'll be tired from getting up so early.  Chocolate will begin to reappear in the kitchen in the form of brownies or coffee ice cream with Chocolate Sauce.

This is about the time when I decide what I'm really serious about.  And I'm serious about growing my business and learning about the stock market.  I'm also serious about volunteering in some way.  These are my true Resolutions, and at year-end I want to look back and say that they were accomplished.  I'll feel a little guilty about not walking the Dog as much, about not getting up earlier, and about my occasional Chocolate binges, but I won't dwell on it. 

May you have great success with your true Resolutions, great prosperity, and good health in 2011!

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