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Fees and Accounting

Property Management Fees

There is no charge for advertising your property, posting to websites or advertising to other Realtors and relocation companies.

  • We receive the first month's rent and one month for the first year's renewal, if the lease is extended.  We offer a $300.00 finders fee to other Realtors who bring us a qualified Renter, which is deducted from our fee. 

In addition:

  • We receive 10% of each month's rent, a minimum of $100.00



Atlanta Decatur Homes completes all paperwork, including the Application, Lease, Move-In/Move-Out Agreement and Lead-based Paint Exhibit required by Law. 

  • We deposit the Security Deposit in our designated Escrow Account   
  • Maintain Accounting Records
  • Receive the Rent
  • Pay any bills for lawn care or repairs
  • Send a Monthly Report to the Landlord with the rent
  • Arrangements can also be made for deposits directly to your checking account.

Rent is due on the first day of the month, unless the tenant and landlord have made alternative arrangements.  It is recommended that the landlord maintain a refundable $300.00 in the escrow account for any unforeseen repairs, but this is a negotiated item. 

You should receive your check within 3 business days after it is deposited, along with a monthly statement showing the balance in the account and what items were paid on your behalf.


We have qualified handymen, plumbers, electricians, roofers, etc. should your property need these services from time to time.  You will always be notified before a repair is authorized, except in an emergency situation.

Atlanta Decatur Homes 502 Durand Drive Atlanta, GA 30307
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