Glennwood Estates - Glendale Estates

City of Decatur

The History of Glendale Estates(Glennwood Estates), as compiled by residents of the community, gives an interesting early history of the area. Five Hundred acres that extended from Sycamore up towards the North DeKalb Mall and the present Hospital area was sold around 1847 for $10 an acre, the highest recorded value paid for an acre at that time.  The original Glenndale Estates development contained a portion south of the creek, comprised of Glendale Avenue, Pinecrest, and Glendale Circle and was mostly completed by 1939. The area north of the creek was then developed, which included Forkner Drive and Mount Vernon. Interestingly, the development contained a convenant,preserving the north site of the creek as forest, which retained the stately virgin forest bordering the creek. 

Glenndale Estates is a vibrant Decatur neighborhood with spacious yards, and elegant homes, located with walking distance to downtown Decatur Events, and bordered by Glenlake Park. 


Glenndale Estates is located just East of Church Street and North of Ponce de Leon Avenue, a few blocks from the DeKalb Farmer's Market, and close to shopping and restaurants.

Glenlake Park

Glenlake Park, which was named for two adjacent communities, Great Lakes and Glenndale Estates, was recently renovated, and is one of the best parks in the City.  The Park includes walking trails, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, a first-class swimming pool and tennis courts.  There is wide entrance into the Park from Glendale Avenue.