Great Lakes - City of Decatur

One of the most desirable neighborhoods in the City of Decatur is located just off Clairemont Road.  Great Lakes was named for a long-vanished Lake Seneca, now only a stream in Waddell Park.  The surrounding streets were named for the famous French explorer, Samuel de Champlain and the Great Lakes he discovered in the early 1600's - Lake Huron, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, Lake Seneca, and Lake Ontario.

Clairemont Avenue, which borders this historic neighborhood, was originally part of a Native American trail leading to a crossing at the Chattahoochee, known as Shallowford Trail. 

Great Lakes was developed beginning in 1913 through the 1930's and contains some of the most interesting architecture in the City.  Craftsmen-style bungalows predominate, but a large variety exists, including English Tudor and Georgia Vernacular bungalows, as well as newer construction that mimics prevailing styles on a larger scale.

Great Lakes now falls within a Historic District, established in 2001.