Kirkwood Village - Atlanta Neighborhood

Kirkwood Village,the downtown section of Kirkwood, was flourishing in the 1920's with  several pharmacies, feed and grain stores, a theater, grocery stores, a gas station, luncheonette and two laundries. 

When the area began to diminish by the late 1950's, crime and corruption flourished and the area experienced a significant decline.  As the surrounding neighborhood began to improve in the late 1990's, the business district remained stagnant, mainly because the district had varying zoning which governed the density and use.  By 2001, the community had obtained a Commercial Zoning that allowed more consistency in planning efforts.

Streetscape projects have improved the visual appearances and the area now boasts a host of shopping and dining destinations, including gift shops, coffee shops, and new public buildings - post office, public library and new fire station.  One of the most charming is Le Petit Marche, a breakfast and lunch cafe, which features an eclectic interior, and wonderful food!