Laurel Ridge Neighborhood

Laurel Ridge is located Northwest of the intersection of North Druid Hills Road and Lawrenceville Highway, roughly across from North DeKalb Mall.

Lawrenceville Highway was a major road from the earliest days of the County, essentially a road that led from Decatur to Lawrenceville.  North Druid Hills Road was only a two-lane road for years, often blocked by trains passing across the road near the present Hidden Valley Golf Course.


According to a comprehensive history of the area written by Bob Stubbs for the Laurel Ridge Civic Association, until the 1950's most of the surrounding land was primarily rural with a large number of dairy farms -one large dairy farm was located near the present North DeKalb Mall. 



Intensive residential development began in the mid 1950's when neighborhoods in the Laurel Ridge area began to be developed.  Most of the land was originally owned by the Kittredge family and was gradually sold to develop North Druid Woods, Pine Glen, Fork Creek and finally in the mid-60's, Country Squire.  All of these neighborhoods comprise what is generally designated as the Laurel Ridge area, named for Laurel Ridge Elementary School located in the area.

Many of the homes in North Druid Woods are of modest size, but well-kept with sizeable yards.  This is a popular "starter" neighborhood with good schools and convenient to everything.  Prices range from $199,000 to $265,000 for a small brick ranch-style home.

Fork Creek was developed some time later and the homes are substantially larger with more bedrooms and baths and well-groomed lawns.

Pine Glen is another unique area with charming cottage-style homes and brick ranches. 

Prior to the mid-1960's when Country Squire was developed, orchards and cattle were the primary occupants.  Country Squire homes are substantial with spacious well-maintained yards. 

Two DeKalb County Schools are located within the neighborhood, Laurel Ridge Elementary School, and Druid Hills Middle School (Formerly called Shamrock Middle School).