The Woodlands Nature Preserve

City of Decatur

The Woodlands Nature Preserve is a sheltered gem in the heart of Decatur that was saved from development by the Morse family, who settled on the wooded property in 1946 when the land was bordered by Clairemont Avenue and a dirt track called Scott Boulevard.  The Morse family accumulated some 7.1 acres and called it "Woodlands", leaving much of it natural, and cultivating lovely gardens near their home.  As Decatur grew and developed, the family had many offers to sell the prime corner acreage, but fortunately for the community, they had a difference vision.

The family donated Woodlands to the Decatur Preservation Alliance in 2002 to maintain the land as a permanenetly protected green space.  Areas that were once terraced for farming are being returned to a more natural state, and more than 30 species of trees shade this protected glen, including 100-year old oaks and poplars.  The Woodlands is open to the public on a limited schedule - the last Sunday of the month from 2-4 p.m. and every other Wednesday from 9-11 a.m.

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